Assumed knowledge: bathing edition

So have you ever thought about things that seem like common sense, but aren’t? For example… how do you bathe with oil?

People talk about taking a nice, hot oil bath after work. You see pictures of women with their dry hair pinned up while they soak in the bath. So… I assume they are not showering before they seal their own filth on their body with oil. Or does the oil cleanse in its own way?

After all, the Romans bathed with olive oil right? So much oil that they scraped it off their skin with a piece of wood. Was their hair just greasy all the time?

Mixing oil and soap of course seems to defeat the point of either.

One would assume one’s mother and grandmother would be consulted, but I feel their answer would be tradition, not a legit explanation.

Experimentation may be required. I did experiment with coconut oil when I tried the no soap, water only experiment… however because of the solid nature of the coconut oil I had difficulty applying it without over applying it in the shower, and I only bathed with the oil once. It did not prove to be effective for controlling body odor.

Thought exercise: Respecting beliefs

If a Wiccan believes that magic is possible, including black magic (which is implied by the Rede to exist, but is not to be used by Wiccans) is there ever a case where it would be valid to charge a Wiccan for casting black magic? Of course, it would be easy for a naturalist such as myself to dismiss the case of magic itself harming someone, since magic has in no way shape or form been proven to exist. It is more complicated if you believe in magic, perhaps. How far does respect for beliefs go?

What if a religious or spiritual group made it well known that they were casting a curse of some kind on someone? Can/does it cross into harassment?

What if both parties believe magic is real? What if only one does?

Of course, we see terrible examples throughout the world and throughout history of what happens when magic, society and law mix. But I simply wish to point out a kind of double-think that seems to get ignored.

I invite anyone who believes in magic to please respond.

This old article has been making the rounds again, got me thinking about the topic again: Student Expelled for Casting a Spell.

For Sport

Drama and trolling on the Internet is what happens when inactive humans discover that have a new means of alleviating their boredom. “Dance for me, my internet puppets! Dance! Do you not realize that none of you are real? Only I am real, and I demand to be amused!”

Reality TV, social media, forums, blogs… what is the difference, I wonder sometimes.