“Hey, Steve, who do you think this statue is?” She asked, while they were making out under the tree in the cemetery.

“I dunno, some guy who died in World War I?” He wasn’t really bothered by the interruption. They’d been meeting here a long time, and at this point they were familiar enough with each other’s bodies that conversation had ceased being a distraction. Honestly, he really enjoyed it. Caroline was different. Not like the other girls. He looked at her gentle, calm face out of the corner of his eye. Although…

“Hey, want to come back to my place this weekend? My parents are going out to visit a friend a few hours away, and are going to stay the night over there if you know what I mean.”

Caroline sighed into his neck. “What’s wrong with just meeting right here?”

She was always like that.

This felt familiar.

Now that he thought about it, she really was always like that. How many times had he asked her to go somewhere else? He couldn’t quite remember.

“How long have we been seeing each other?” Caroline looked at him when he asked that, her brows wrinkled. She brought a hand up to his face, and peered into his eyes. He began to sweat.

“How long?” he asked, his voice rising. Caroline brought up her other hand, cupping his head as she stared into his eyes. Panic began to bubble up his throat.

“Ssssshhh…” Caroline crooned. “You enjoy being with me, right?” He could feel something being sucked out of him, and his breathing slowed. Caroline pushed herself away from the tree and towards him, pushing him back towards the statue.

“I guess it’s time,” she muttered.

“Time? What do you mean, time?” He was calming down now. He could feel the panic being sucked out of his back.

Caroline didn’t answer, but kept pushing steadily against him, forcing him back until he felt the cold base of the statue against his back.

“I’m sorry, Steve. It won’t hurt, I promise.” He thought he might have felt a prick of fear again, but it was distant now, so very distant. Like his memories. Who was Steve? He couldn’t remember. He stared at the girl pressing him against the frigid, hard surface. Who was she? Something was pulling at his back, sucking at him. Pulling something out through his spine…

Caroline stepped on the pile of clothes as she reached up and touched the statute on top of the concrete base. Was it her imagination, or was it finally getting a little warm?

“Soon…” she whispered. “Just a few more, I think…”
The statue of the fallen soldier had been cast as a daring, brave figure. She glanced at the statue’s face and thought she saw a flicker of fear there, for just a moment, which quickly faded.

“Thank you for your sacrifice.”

Nightmare Fuel, Day 3

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