Take You for Granted

There’s a lot of things we take for granted, right?

Like generally, you accept that your car will start, and that most likely your morning will be uneventful— or rather, eventful in the normal way. Traffic, maybe a near collision. Something like that. Something that happens as it usually does with little variation.

Until the car doesn’t start that one day.

But you get it fixed, and soon you just continue assuming it will always start like it should.

You assume you will wake up, and your spouse will wake up, and your child will wake up. Maybe you’ll have breakfast together. Maybe not, depends on how your family runs, right?

Or maybe you don’t have a family. So you don’t expect that some day you would just wake up and… poof… there’s a kid asking you to make breakfast and someone hogging up the bathroom.

Because that wouldn’t make any sense, would it?

But sometimes things happen. Like the car stalling.

Or pregnancy.

Or maybe… maybe one day your body doesn’t work the way it should. And it’s terrible and it sucks, but you take for granted that it’ll get better.

Except it doesn’t. That happens, too.

And sometimes, it isn’t your body that isn’t working the way it should— sometimes it’s your mind.

And sometimes, that get’s better too. Or it doesn’t.

You think about those things, and you shudder in horror. You shudder because you think you take for granted that you’ll live through it. That you’ll experience it… well, maybe not forever, but you really do kind of think of it as forever, don’t you?

You take for granted that you’ll die some day, but you never really think about when. Well, at least, you avoid thinking about it whenever you can.
At least, you think, you will die in a generic way, probably. Maybe you prefer a certain way, but you don’t think about it being sudden or quick, generally.

You put on your shoes every morning and take for granted that you will always keep putting shoes on. Or slippers. Or whatever it is you do each day.
You don’t think about disappearing. Probably, you take for granted that you’ll go to Heaven. Or live another life. Or something. Maybe something like sleep.

You definitely take for granted that you won’t disappear.

At least not soon.

Not suddenly.

Not now.

Nightmare Fuel, Day 5

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