Expressions of Madness: Strange Road

I’ve seen bumper stickers with logos and graphics where it is clear that the creator and user mean them to be recognized, but they simply aren’t unless you are already familiar with them.

But there is a special level of that kind of thing. Today I saw one. It was a large sticker looking something like a police or construction tape with the yellow and black but oversized. It was on an ordinary white vehicle, something like a Ford Fusion, with no other particular labels or markings. The tape on the back read, “VEHICLE SPEED MONITORED BY GPS.”

This tape was also clearly placed over another similar label that clearly had different words on it but which could no longer be read.

My road experience was then followed by me driving behind an incredibly slow driving motorcylist who kept looking left, right, down, and into his mirrors. This gentlemen appeared to be in his 40s and the visible part of his face had the pouty, chiseled look of RoboCop.

Things seem strange on the road today.

Update: Soon after I wrote this, I was pulling out of a parking space when I noticed a car behind me pulling out of his parking spot across from me too close to me for comfort. Turns out, he was driving out of the perfectly good spot he was already parked in, to park in mine and make sure the other guy in the pickup truck couldn’t get the spot first.

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