Her Flesh

The womb of the universe had always been cold and dark, prickling with distant lights. Erde was born near the flickering candle flame of her Source. In the beginning, she wobbled uncertainly.

She had been born of that candle. She was born of dead brothers and sisters, and familiar strangers. The remaining siblings began to coalesce. One, flung himself upon her, tearing at her flesh and rending himself in his passion. Soon, a child of her own was born, the Moon.

Ages passed, and the Deep Sky showered her with his seed soon Life crept upon her. Brown sludge, then green tendrils crept across her clean pure flesh, corrupted it. Red seas faded to blue. Poisoning itself with it’s growth, it adapted and exploded.

Dismayed, Erde grew an icy shell to hide her shame from her siblings. But her warmth did not permit the ice to last. And Life renewed its ravagement upon her skin.

She tried to burn the insult off.

But in the end… it won.

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