For days, I thought there was a man staring at me.

I mean, he was clearly there. Lit by headlights in the forest. I couldn’t explain how there was a car there, with no road, but it wasn’t like it took special magic to drive a truck up onto the grass and leaves.

I didn’t bother to call the police once my sister and friends told me I was nuts. They tolerated my fear as a nightmare for a few nights but eventually I was left alone in the house again. Just me, and him.

He never approached, never got closer. Occasionally, the light flickered and I lost sight of him. But he was always there. For days I ignored him, but finally went out to confront him.

He rose as I approached, getting taller and taller— until I realized he wasn’t getting taller. He was floating, raising higher and higher with the light.

He was a pupil in a gigantic, floating eye.

And the trees were teeth, closing in on me.

Nightmare Fuel 2016, Day 16

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