Black Eye

It seemed like everyone had come out to watch the house burn. Even a woman wearing nothing but a wispy pajama robe. The owner, maybe? Daniel wasn’t sure, but he guessed she must be. Who else would possibly be wanting to stand out in the chill October evening breeze like that, just to watch a house burn? The light from the flames played across her face and he could see what looked like the beginning of a bruise there, across her right eye and cheek along with a nasty gash. He didn’t really know anyone yet in this town, so he wasn’t sure about her or her situation, but he could take a guess.

But he didn’t her man with her, or anyone that might be her man. Just other neighbors, watching like he was. Some drinking beer. Most gossiping excitedly. A few had even pulled out some lawn chairs. Guess they didn’t have to worry about work in the morning.

He went back to bed shortly after the fire trucks and the ambulance arrived. He imagined they’d patch up her face, patch up that nasty gash. He figured, maybe tomorrow he’d ask her if she was OK.

But he didn’t see her tomorrow. Or the next day.

But when he looked, really looked, at that house from his window it seemed that the house, with it’s boarded up windows and blacked right side was looking back.


Nightmare Fuel 2019, Day 5

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