Cold Walk

I said this before but…

… you’re going to catch a cold if you keep coming out here like this.

It’s nice, where they buried me. I didn’t want a fancy grave or anything but, the dead don’t really get to choose these things. I mean, for sure I couldn’t expect the family to do anything differently I suppose. And they have the money for it, so I guess if it makes them feel better…

I heard once that cemeteries used to be social areas for people. It’s really a shame that more aren’t. I mean, think of how many more nice parks we could have if all the cemeteries everywhere were beautiful parks? You know, like this one. And imagine how much more the expensive statuary could be enjoyed. All that Greek-looking stuff… the fountains… the fancy mausoleums… Isn’t it a shame for it to be all fenced in? I mean sure, yeah, vandals and kids or whatever would have their way but so what? How is a rotting old tombstone hidden behind a fence until it slowly fades away any better? And think of the job opportunies for caretakers!

Hey, hey… I know you aren’t listening… well, that you can’t listen… but it seems rude to just stare at you staring at my grave. I know I’m talking over you a bit but it’s really kind of embarrassing to listen, I can’t lie. You definitely give me way more credit for things than I deserve, I think. It’s not that I don’t want to listen, it just makes me blush a bit and well… I can’t help but think that since I’ve died I’ve become your imaginary friend.

But seriously, it’s cold, it’s snowy… take better care of yourself, ok? I’m fine and you don’t need to worry about me anymore.

I forgave you for killing me ages ago, you know.


Nightmare Fuel 2019, Day 11 and Day 12

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