Ben and Lukas stared at the broadcast sky above them.

“Do you think this ever happened before?” Lukas whispered.

“Who knows…” Ben’s fingers curled and wrapped around part of the rags that made up the makeshift splint winding around his chest. “I guess if it ever did, they fixed it… right?”

“Yeah… “ Lukas rubbed his hands on his pants, alternating between wiping sweat and gripping the baseball bat. He’d had to run several blocks to find it.

“You ready?”


Ben swiped his keycard and the lock flashed from red to green. Lukas pushed open the door while Ben carefully placed the card back in his wallet. Lukas didn’t comment on that.

The box was in a back at the loading bay. Lukas wondered how many deaths each step they took represented. How many minutes, how many seconds…

It was tied there, just as they’d left it in the back of the truck.

Ben raised his bat.



“What if they didn’t fix it?”

Nightmare Fuel 2019, Days 16, 18, 19, and 20. No Day 17 prompt posted.

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